Spec AC-USB1

Spec AC-USB1


Transparent sound

On the interior of the product, ruby mica, from Bihar, near the foot of the Himalayas in northern India, is used as a condenser. This ruby mica is manufactured in Ota Ward, Tokyo, and assembled by our company.
When attached, this model removes noise generated from the PC and other CD devices. It effectively removes external noise that enters from each terminal of these devices and enables production of the original clear and gorgeous sound. Connecting it to a USB port using a type-B conversion adapter will also allow for products that have B terminals.

Additional materials

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On the belief that “ the joy of music is only found in ‘Real-Sound’”, we have been developing and marketing high-end audio products with the wish of communicating and sharing the sensations, also excitement of our “Real-Sound” music with our customers.
Through High End 2014 in Munich, we will demonstrate four integrated amplifier models including the RSA-F3EX, M3EX, V1EX and 717EX.
With extensive use of latest Class D solutions boosting revolutionary speaker drive power and advanced energy-saving performance these amplifiers deliver beautiful tones and fully dynamic sound, in a word true richness of music someone has never hear before.
And also REQ-S1EX, a phono equalizer amplifier fusing the latest semiconductor technology and matured analog technology, will allow the listeners of analog LP records to rediscover the fascination with “the ultimate high-resolution sound”.