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Goldmund Telos 590 NG
Davone Audio Family


"We all need music - we can't live without it"

Treating the words of the great cellist as a life motto, we wanted live music to enter
our homes. It is obvious that nothing can replace direct contact with an artist and
communing with live instruments, but thanks to the achievements of contemporary
civilization where there is a possibility of configuring high-end hi-fi equipment, we can
transfer music from concert halls or jazz clubs straight to our homes.

Stereo and audio equipment

The Audio Gallery is a place where each good sound-lover will find something special. Our offer includes the highest quality audio equipment. The offer is addressed mainly to audiophiles and music enthusiasts who look for excellent quality in every aspect of the experience, which is conscious listening to music. What’s more, the technologically advanced stereo sets that we present are often distinguished by a completely unusual, extraordinary design, as well as original, unique technology.

Stereo equipment  for demanding customers

In the assortment of the Audio Gallery, nothing is accidental. We have been operating on the market for 25 years, providing only carefully selected products. All stereo systems undergo a detailed verification by our specialists. As a company created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, we do our best to ensure that each device meets the high expectations of music lovers and audiophiles. The available models are manufactured only in the countries they originate from. In this way, we can guarantee that when you decide to purchase in the Audio Gallery, you reach for the highest quality equipment. An example can be the intriguing proposals of Davone – a Danish brand, which is immediately an eye-catcher when it comes to their unusual form. Apart from the original design, one should pay attention to their extraordinary technical aspects – both in the case of loudspeaker units and converters. It will certainly be a unique encounter not only with music, but also with the inspiration of design straight from the 60s. It is hi-end equipment in its pure form – luxurious, distinguished by its appearance and great parameters.

Only proven brands

Of course, the most important criterion in the selection of equipment from this category is the individual observations related to sound quality. For this reason, we invite you to our showroom in Wrocław to see what sound a particular product provides “live”. Hi-fi equipment from our offer provides sound of a quality as close as possible to the original. We know that even the most expensive speaker will never produce the same effect as the one you get during a live performance. However, we are convinced that it is worth investing in the best parameters in order to be able to enjoy the maximum “high fidelity”, which for many audiophiles is simply an inalienable priority. In the Audio Gallery you will find, among others, loudspeakers, “classic” gramophones, cables, tables designed especially for the audio system, as well as amplifiers and preamplifiers. The offer has been limited only to those devices that we would see ourselves in our carefully selected collection of equipment. Being enthusiasts of good sound, we are able to advise you at every stage of building a stereo system – both at the beginning of this road and at the moment when it seemed that you had already “heard” all the best.

Professional consultancy

We invite you to get familiar with the details of our offer and visit the Audio Gallery showroom located in Wrocław or in our branches in other Polish cities. If necessary, we will also be happy to answer via phone or e-mail any questions you may have regarding individual products. To do this, simply select the “ask about a product” button, which is available next to the description of each piece of equipment.

Our assortment includes: loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, analogue equipment, digital equipment, power line filters, cables, accessories as well as audio furniture.