Spec RSA-V10

Spec RSA-V10

7 500,00 

Sound taste of V series amplifiers

The two models of the V series are based on a natural and speedy sound. And each model has a different sound taste.

RSA-V10 in silver color

Natural and speedy sound
Fine signal expressiveness in the mid-high range
Neutral and all-round sound.

RSA-V11 in black color

Natural and speedy sound
Powerful and clear bass
Lively expression

Like a resonance board for stringed instruments, basswood and spruce resonate with the music signal, producing an energetic timbre.

Maple gently supports the amplifier chassis.
The combination of woods is the same for both models, only the color of the paint is different.

An amplifier is a musical instrument

Maximum output

100 W × 2 (4 Ω), 75 W × 2 (6 Ω), 50 W × 2 (8 Ω)

Line input terminals

XLR input: 1 RCA inputs:3

Power voltage

220 V AC, 50 Hz


14,5 kg


440 mm (width) × 120 mm (height) × 414 mm (depth)

Additional materials

We care for our clients by providing them with the necessary information.

On the belief that “ the joy of music is only found in ‘Real-Sound’”, we have been developing and marketing high-end audio products with the wish of communicating and sharing the sensations, also excitement of our “Real-Sound” music with our customers.
Through High End 2014 in Munich, we will demonstrate four integrated amplifier models including the RSA-F3EX, M3EX, V1EX and 717EX.
With extensive use of latest Class D solutions boosting revolutionary speaker drive power and advanced energy-saving performance these amplifiers deliver beautiful tones and fully dynamic sound, in a word true richness of music someone has never hear before.
And also REQ-S1EX, a phono equalizer amplifier fusing the latest semiconductor technology and matured analog technology, will allow the listeners of analog LP records to rediscover the fascination with “the ultimate high-resolution sound”.

Spec RSA-V10