Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

The flagship product Divin Noblesse sets the ultimate benchmark for mid sized high efficiency loudspeakers.

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

The core of our mid size Divin Noblesse is represented by a specifically developed 8 inch midrange driver, where we implemented a lot of our patented Göbel® bending wave technology. Our patented Göbel® bending wave technology is based on the principals of sound creation through musical instruments and is the result of over 15 years of development that we invested in order to achieve the most natural sound possible.

For the impeccable high tone reproduction in the Divin Noblesse we are using the best AMT tweeter technology available, which is furthermore excellently optimized and adjusted through a massive wave guide, milled out of full aluminum. The specific curve progression of this wave guide finally assures flawless aggregation of all drivers to a homogeneous and natural sound dispersion, which you have never experienced before.

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

In order to also achieve an absolute homogeneous sound dispersion and stimulation of the room modes within the low frequency range the Divin Noblesse is additionally equipped with two custom built Göbel® 12 inch long throw bass drivers. These symmetrically arranged bass drivers are specifically located in the constrain layer dampening front baffle, creating an absolute smooth transition of the 8 inch midrange drivers to the low frequencies of these custom built Göbel® long throw bass drivers.

The purely functional design with the perfectly defined form and the use of specific constrain layer dampening with multilayered tropical room proof materials, combined with the ideal ratio of stiffness and dampening behaviors, eliminate any diffractions, resonances and energy saving effects.

Göbel High End

Featured Technologies

Bending wave technology based 8 inch midrange Drivers

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

The world wide unique Göbel® 8 inch carbon / paper midrange driver to which we applied the unparalleled Göbel® bending wave technology, reproduces the sound in an unheard naturalness and coherence. Through our bending wave technology we were able to accurately control all resonances that occur in all parts of normal drivers: Membrane, Spider, Surround, Voice Coil, Basket, etc. Additionally, we paid special attention to the driver’s heat management, as well as it’s distortion behavior and finally a lossless mechanical and electrical performance. As a result the sound gets utmostly coherent and natural, with a perfect impulse and transient response. Every fine detail and piece of room information is precisely reproduced regardless of the listening volumes.

Lossless Bass Drivers

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

In order to get a perfectly smooth transition from the Göbel® bending wave technology based 8 inch midrange drivers to the low frequency drivers we had to develop incredibly fast and absolutely linear bass drivers for our Divin Majestic. The motor systems are optimized to the maximum linearization of the magnet field in both directions of the extremely high excursion area, resulting in the lowest and smoothest possible harmonic distortion spectrum. Furthermore, all materials we are using here are of unparalleled quality, making it possible to reach the minimum possible loss factors, the fastest impulse behavior and the best heat management. Only to sum a few: very big glas fiber voice coils, extremely lossless spiders and gaskets, extensive ventilation, extremely light weight glass fiber / paper membranes, … Hereby the sound gets maximally natural and controlled, with a superb impulse and transient response regardless of the listening volumes.

Wave Guide Loaded AMT Tweeter Technology

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

In order to ensure the best possible impulse and transient response with the smallest mass inertia losses, such as impulse deadening, we significantly improved an already very special AMT tweeter. For the ideal coupling of this special AMT tweeter and to ensure an absolute coherent overall dispersion, we also developed a specific wave guide with a unique Tractrix adapted curve progression. This massive wave guide is milled out of full aluminum in order to provide a stable and resonance optimized foundation. You will experience all our efforts in a perfect synergy of the sublime AMT tweeter with the bending wave technology based 8 inch midrange drivers and the unbelievably fast and controlled 18 inch bass drivers. The sound is maximally coherent and emotional with a flawless phase and time behavior.

Symmetrical Loaded Bassreflex Alignment

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

For the bass enclosure of our Divin Majestic we developed a special symmetrical bass reflex enclosure alignment in order to achieve an excellent distortion behavior. Through this symmetrical arrangement, the bass chassis are “seeing” a symmetrical load in the back so the membranes don’t wobble even if the excursions are getting bigger. This unsymmetrical wobbling of the membranes is a big reason for rising distortions, as the voice coil hereby is also forced to wobble in the magnet field. We are completely minimizing this effect because of our symmetrical bass reflex alignment. On top of that, we developed special internal Helmholz resonators for the bass enclosures. These internal Helmholz resonators are coupled to the internal volume by ceramic foam layers. As a result we are able to fully cancel the internal standing waves inside the bass enclosures and therefore minimizing the usage of damping materials. Through this we are avoiding energy saving effects and bringing the time, phase and frequency behavior to perfection.

Ultra Rigid Sandwich Enclosure

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

The enclosure of the Divin Majestic is an absolute non-compromise design, where all our knowledge about material resonances was applied. Based on our bending wave technology, we certainly know exactly how to manage surface waves on enclosure materials so they don’t even start to arise. For the Divin Majestic we are using a combination of our proprietary constrain layer dampening with multilayered tropical room proof materials and specific aluminum alloys, together with kinetic mass dampening methods on special locations, in order to prevent any resonances in the working areas of each driver. Through this up to 110 mm thick ultra rigid material combination we are also avoiding any energy saving effects. This results in an unbelievably uncolored sound reproduction with tremendous attack and speed in front of an absolute silent background. Finally, the bass, midrange and tweeter chassis are mounted in a specific symmetrical array, with specific angulars, offsets, baffle dimensions and chamfers. Hereby we are able to optimize the time and phase behavior as well as the frequency and overall dispersion. Amongst others, through this the music can be reproduced in its real size and scale.

Totally Isolated Crossover

Göbel High End Divin Noblesse

For the meticulously selected crossover network parts, we are only using the best parts available. These are mounted totally isolated in a resonance optimized, totally sealed chamber in the back of the loudspeaker. Additionally, each crossover way (tweeter, midrange, bass) is housed in a separate box, sealed with different epoxy resins and mounted over silent blocks to the enclosure. Through this, we are avoiding any crosstalk, electrical and magnetic coupling, air pressure inducted distortions, as well as any mechanical interferences between them and the enclosure. Last but not least each network component is hand wired point-to-point in order to avoid parasitic effects of pc-board type constructions. All of these efforts lead to an unbelievably natural sound reproduction which is hard to imagine if you have not heard it.

Technical Specifications


3-Way, high sensitivity, symmetrical bass reflex loudspeaker


2 pcs. Göbel® High End proprietary long-throw Bass chassis (12 inch) 2 pcs. Göbel® High End proprietary midrange chassis (8 inch) 1 pcs. significantly improved AMT tweeter with massive aluminum wave guide

Standard finishes

Real piano lacquer black, aluminum parts in black ultra matt soft touch with silver colored high lights. Any finish possible on customer request!


nominal 4 Ohm Impedance minimum in single wiring 3,8 Ohm at 100 Hz



Crossover frequency

140 Hz / 1600 Hz

Frequency response

21 - 24.000 Hz (-3dB)


168 cm (H) x 56 cm (W) x 82 cm (D)


1 professional flight cases for each loudspeaker


260 kg without packaging for each loudspeaker 300 Kg including flight case packaging for each loudspeaker

For many centuries the name Göbel has been known for inventive talent and quality made in Germany. In order to continue this tradition, I founded a specialist workshop for the highest-end loudspeakers and highest-end cables in 2003, with the demand to make perfect sound reproduction a true emotional experience without any compromises.

In order to meet this demand and guarantee the ultimate benchmark level of quality in all aspects, all components of our loudspeakers and cables are developed at our specialist workshop in Munich and finished hand made as first class highest-end loudspeakers and cables – by a competent team, who identifies themselves by the philosophy of audiophile sound reproduction.

Of course, we also pay extreme attention to quality control. Every component has been meticulously selected and is thoroughly inspected before, while and after it becomes part of our products. All our products are handmade in Germany, with pride, maximum care and passioned skills. We make all of these efforts so every Göbel High End loudspeaker and every Göbel High End cable will let you experience the ultimate emotional musical performance, paired with unconditional reliability and minimum possible tolerances.