Spec RSA-M99

Spec RSA-M99

10 900,00 

An amplifier is a musical instrument

At the core of our concepts is the idea that the amplifier is a musical instrument. By supporting the chassis with a combination of woods, RSA-M99 reproduces a beautiful sound like a genuine musical instrument.

A wide, solid spruce board is closely attached to the entire bottom surface of the chassis. Spruce is the same type of wood used to build violins.

Wooden feet of maple with hickory embedded in the center. These foot pieces are designed in such a way that only the hickory located in the center is grounded.

Wooden soundboard with wooden feet vibrate with the audio signal playing a natural sound.

By blending various capacitors, a sophisticated and expressive sound is reproduced.

“HIBIKI-ICHI” was developed with the goal of rapid response and natural tone in collaboration with world renowned capacitor manufacturer “NICHICON”. The “HIBIKI-ICHI” brings out even more texture for a more musical sound.
JAPANESE KANJI are written on the surface of the capacitor. This KANJI is pronounced as “HIBIKI-ICHI”, and ‘’HIBIKI” means vibrancy.

Blending various capacitors.

SPEC sticks to the R-core transformer.

The R-core transformer brings out a dynamic and powerful sound.
This same transformer is being used in the top of the range model.

High driving ability is an essential part of SPEC REAL SOUND.
In order to reproduce the sound with such musicality, the speaker drive ability is incredibly important. This is because it is necessary to drive and stop the speaker instantaneously.
” Class D ” is excellent in the speaker drive ability and can reproduce the musicality of live performance sufficiently. On the other hand, the PWM system is adopted at the front of the “CLASS D” block. Since the PWM system is composed of analog circuits, it can amplify a small signal without losses. For a beautiful sound, it is important to faithfully reproduce many small signals.

High driving ability is the foundation of SPEC REAL SOUND.

Maximum output

120 W × 2 (4 Ω)

Frequency response

10 - 30 000 Hz ± 1 dB (6 Ω, 1 W)

Harmonic distortion ratio

0,02% (at 1 kHz, 80% output)

Input sensitivity, gain

gain 300 mVrms, 37,3 dB

Line input terminals

XLR input: 2 RCA inputs: 3


220 V AC, 50 Hz

Power consumption

At maximum load: 215 W (8 Ω, 100 Hz) No signal: 15 W


15,5 kg


440 mm (width) × 125 mm (height) × 414 mm (depth)

Additional materials

We care for our clients by providing them with the necessary information.

On the belief that “ the joy of music is only found in ‘Real-Sound’”, we have been developing and marketing high-end audio products with the wish of communicating and sharing the sensations, also excitement of our “Real-Sound” music with our customers.
Through High End 2014 in Munich, we will demonstrate four integrated amplifier models including the RSA-F3EX, M3EX, V1EX and 717EX.
With extensive use of latest Class D solutions boosting revolutionary speaker drive power and advanced energy-saving performance these amplifiers deliver beautiful tones and fully dynamic sound, in a word true richness of music someone has never hear before.
And also REQ-S1EX, a phono equalizer amplifier fusing the latest semiconductor technology and matured analog technology, will allow the listeners of analog LP records to rediscover the fascination with “the ultimate high-resolution sound”.