Kharma Exquisite

Kharma Exquisite

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The Exquisite Power Cable has foundation of silvered copper conductors in combination with carbon, that is used in a different way. The carbon in the Exquisite Cable Collection is used for filtering out the skin effect instead of performing as a main conductor. This power cable is shielded against undesired external interference by the use of duel layer screening, vibration reducing tubing and a genuine black leather sleeve. Besides this, the shielded connections are based on Silver plated plugs and can be used as an EU or US version with on the other side an IEC or IEC HC connector.
Kharma Exquisite


Every detail has their own function. Therefore every Kharma product had a detailed finish. All energy, craftsmanship and knowledge that is used to create the smallest detail in our products can be felt and heard through the synergy of the Collections. Where for instance, the Exquisite Power Cable seamlessly integrates with the Exquisite loudspeakers and electronics. Resulting in a perfect and peaceful image in sound and visi


Kharma Exquisite

With the current Cable Collections we have followed our heritage with the use of ultra pure Silver as conductors and enhanced this conductivity with an alternate conducting material: Carbon. The ultra fine strands of Carbon lead to ultra fine resolutions of acoustic space, representing the Kharma quality in every way.


Minimal length

2 meters




EU or US / IEC or IEC HC

Kharma strongly aims for high-end audio experiences beyond imagination. These experiences have to be felt to be believed. Indulge yourself in the musical moment and enjoy the endless experience of a Kharma product.