Kharma Exquisite

Kharma Exquisite

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Kharma is known for its rich history and use of cutting edge technologies throughout all different collections. Now our heritage and technology merge together in the creation of the Exquisite Cable Collection. The Exquisite Interconnect Cable makes use of solid core Silver-Gold and Carbon conductors.

The conductor structure is protected by a triple layer screening against mechanical and electromagnetic interferences. Together with the genuine leather sleeves and the vibration reducing tubing this technology formed a serious improvement of an undisturbed signal path.

Kharma Exquisite


Even aesthetic beauty has a function. Every detail of a Kharma product has a useful function, also the new RCA Plug. By turning the special Kharma-twist-lock you are able to create an ultimate contact surface from your RCA cable to the terminal.


Kharma Exquisite
The aesthetic characteristics of the Exquisite Collection can be found within every detail of the cable collection. The combination of Silver and Gold can be found in the outer appearance of the cable and trimming, however this combination is also used internally in Silver-Gold conductors. Even the XLR contains Silver plated contact pins and the RCA has a pure Silver center pin. No compromise has been made on the smallest details, resulting in an absolute synergy in the Exquisite Collection.


Minimal length

1 meter


KIC-EX-1.0 or KDC-EX-1.0



Kharma strongly aims for high-end audio experiences beyond imagination. These experiences have to be felt to be believed. Indulge yourself in the musical moment and enjoy the endless experience of a Kharma product.