Kharma Elegance Interconnect

Kharma Elegance Interconnect

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The Elegance Cable Collection consists of a variety of audible and aesthetically matching cables, such as a loudspeaker cable, power cable and the Elegance Interconnect Cable. The Elegance Cable Collection shows the essence of the evolved philosophy of Kharma and the continuous search for the ultimate possible in high-end audio design. Each cable has its own level of excellence, creating the perfect synergy with the high-end audio system.

Kharma Elegance Interconnect


The Elegance Interconnect Cable makes use of solid core Silver-Gold conductors as part of the hybrid SNC™ structure. The dual later screening in combination with the individually chambered conductors for optimum air insulation brings the desired decoupling with electromagnetic interference from its surrounding.


Kharma Elegance Interconnect

A beautiful one-sided cable ending from black anodized aluminium and chromed parts, makes this clearly a cable belonging to the Elegance Cable Collection. The Elegance Interconnect Cable can be executed with a Silver plated RCA or Silver plated XLR plug, both with a carbon / chrome finish.


Minimal length

1 meter


KIC-EL-1.0 or KDC-EL-1.0



Kharma strongly aims for high-end audio experiences beyond imagination. These experiences have to be felt to be believed. Indulge yourself in the musical moment and enjoy the endless experience of a Kharma product.