Telos 7 NextGen integrated amplifier is one of the most spectacular integrated amplifiers currently delivered by Goldmund stereo power amp collection. It can drive any high-end passive stereo system with true ease, providing the strongest energy level as well as a truly spatial, clear, and detailed sound image.

Convenient, the amplifier multiple inputs can connect to a wide range of digital and analog sources. Its simple user interface makes it not only a work of art but also a comfortable companion to music lovers.



As a general rule, the more powerful your amplifier, the better it will control the speakers.
Speaker control is exerted in two ways: by giving them enough power to produce high-quality and undistorted sound; and by controlling the drivers better preventing them from producing parasite sound. This is especially true in low frequencies where drivers’ range of to and fro movement is higher, increasing the likelihood of unwanted sounds that affect the purity of the signal. Telos® amplification technology significantly reduces the intermodulation by improving the linearity of all stages and considerably decreasing the time distortion. Based on Leonardo® research program, the Telos® uses a higher bandwidth circuit with minimal group delay distortion inside the audio bandwidth. Telos® amplifier input circuitry includes the latest version of Alize Digital/Analog converter circuits for enhanced coupling with Goldmund Universal Preamplifiers. Separate input and output stages prevent feedback between high and low current circuits and improve the Mechanical Grounding™. One of the most important sonic improvements provided by the latest Telos circuit is its «driver control». Obtained by lowering the output impedance of the amplifier to an extreme degree, it provides a much higher quality of micro-dynamics and helps large woofers overshooting and delivering a boomy bass. Telos® amplifies the audio signal with incomparable purity and transparency whatever the volume, without distortion.


In the past, audio distortions were supposed to rely only on amplitude non-linearities. But recent studies tend to consider the phase non-linearities equally.
Phase distortion alters the sound realism by affecting the size and depth of the sound stage, the ability to perfectly identify the location of the different sound objects, the tightness of the bass, and other parameters. Working on the transients, this distortion also modifies the timbre of the sound source. The Leonardo® time correction suppresses most of those sound alterations by digitally realigning the signal frequencies in time. The enhancements in terms of DSP’s power and performance allowed Leonardo to apply corrections on an even wider bandwidth, giving hence birth to Leonardo 2. The latest Leonardo 2 version is currently deployed in every speaker of Goldmund current collection. Thanks to this deployment, the listener’s brain can fully focus on enjoying the sound instead of spending energy in the correction process.


Introduced by Goldmund in 1982, the Mechanical Grounding™ building technology uses physics laws to evacuate vibrations from any structure, allowing lower resonance from speakers but also from electronics, where mechanical vibrations are one of the major sources of colouration. As a result, there is no overemphasis on certain tones and the sound preserves its naturalness.


Craftmanship is a vital part of Goldmund DNA. But before our artisans can begin their work, there is a prior step that contributes to make Goldmund sound systems unlike any other Hi-Fi system: the sourcing and selection of the materials. The selection of the materials we use is not arbitrary. We use only the finest. They improve our products’ overall performance and enhance their aesthetics and sophistication.


Goldmund satin silver finish is a sparkling interpretation of aluminium. The platinum-like surface results from microbead blasting impact treatment and anodization. This special alloy is used in military mechanics for its extreme robustness. The aluminium contributes to a solid product construction for minimizing distortions even further. Quality control personally inspects every millimetre of the aluminium employed, ensuring geometric perfection and guaranteeing that microscopic flaws aren’t overlooked. Once the product is assembled, the material undergoes a delicate cleaning only once deemed flawless.


Our products are the ultimate expression of sophistication. They result from a profound aesthetic research, precise production processes, and high-quality materials including precious metals. Gold is incorporated into our products and has both a cosmetic and functional use. The cosmetic gold parts are polished by the same craftsmen who work with the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry to achieve a pristine shine.


An ultra-resistant plastic, it can be sculpted as metal. It is for electrical isolation of the mechanical parts of Goldmund products where metal cannot be used due to its conductivity.


Built from sand and glue, the resin absorbs spurious vibrations and weights down the product. It is used in our amplifiers but also other products in order to minimize spurious vibrations and prevent distortions even further.


This half-precious metal is used in our products for its excellent thermal and electrical conduction properties.


This form of tar is a high-density material. Even a small volume of it can significantly increase the weight in the enclosure and prevent it from vibrating and reasoning, thus reinforcing the results of our products’ mechanical grounding.


To avoid the modes inside the speakers we use a special type of foam. Modes are distortions in the membranes resulting from the reflection and bounce of sound waves inside the enclosure. The foam makes the field as diffuse as possible, avoiding stationary areas and improving the acoustic quality.


USB device:
– Audio Class 2.0 (no driver required on Mac OS X as of v.10.6.4 nor on Linux, driver required only for Windows).
– Sample rate up to 384 kHz/Bit depth up to 32.
– DSD over PCM capabilities.

1 x Toslink Optical or Digital S/PDIF coaxial RCA 75 Ohms.
1 x Analog RCA (Left & Right


FPP at 8 Ω: 190 W. IEC 60065 at 8 Ω / 1 % THD+N: 2 x 175 W.


22 kHz measurement bandwidth (flat): > 100 dB.


44 W x 10.5 H x 36.5 D x (cm)


10 kg

For more than forty years, Goldmund has developed audio equipment at the highest level. In this continuous search for the accurate reproduction of sound, Goldmund has established an outstandingly powerful reputation with mythical products such as the Reference turntable, the Apologue speakers or the Telos power amplifiers to name a few. Today, we are gathering the fruits of our patient and meticulous work as Goldmund is the only company worldwide able to demonstrate what a speaker may become when it is perfectly aligned in frequency response, in phase response, and in time response. More simply put for readers who do not have technical knowledge in audio products: the sound produced by our systems is now the most accurate and lifelike one that has ever been produced by any audio manufacturer worldwide.